IKEA is on a never-ending journey to “create a better everyday life for the many people”. In 2014 IKEA realized that it was time to revitalize the range, as people were finding their products less relevant and sales started to decrease.

We initiated a strategic and creative exploration together with IKEA of Sweden which led to the “Make Room for Life” direction, that both worked as an internal catalyst for collaboration across the organization, as well as a driver for range development and external communication. The core thinking behind was to focus on what life people want to live, rather than what sofa they want to buy—simple, yes, but a fundamental change. The direction has inspired hundreds of new IKEA initiatives, collaborations and products. “Make Room for Life” was rolled out across 50 markets and activated locally.

With "Make Room for Life" we did not only focus on furniture, but rather the life that happens in between.

The direction worked as a strategic and creative direction to brief product designers and local communication agencies across the markets.

The anthropological research that went into the strategic groundwork included real home visits across markets and continents, external reports, internal workshops with product designers and range managers, and more than 8.000 interviews from the “IKEA Life at Home Report”.