Prxjects by Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz’s position as a premium, yet traditional car brand, has led to a perception of the brand being expensive, static and unattainable among younger people in Denmark. In short, Mercedes-Benz experienced a lack in relevance — even though the smaller models and flexible leasing plans have made Mercedes-Benz more accessible to a wider audience.

Together with Good News, we developed the strategy and concept that lead to the creation of a culture platform. Prxjects co-creates, facilitates and supports upcoming Danish art and culture. Furthermore we have written the name and designed the brand identity.

The identity is simple and minimal to allow for different artistic expressions.

With Prxjects we move away from static sponsorships, and instead earn credibility by taking an active role in the creation of culture.

Prxjects have worked actively with artists, festivals, art fairs and museums.