Unridden is a cold water brand from Copenhagen, Denmark. Founded by lifelong surfer Søren Alminde and renowned fashion designer Asger Juel Larsen. They design clothing and cold water gear with respect for the climate.

Based on the vision of the founders, we set out to clarify the brand narrative and sharpen the visual identity. At the intersection of urban culture, cold water sports and fashion, we wanted to create a contemporary brand with its own clear voice that stands in contrast to most other surf brands.

Orange makes you visible in the cold dark water.

To communicate the voice of Unridden, we chose a combination of modern typefaces with strong characters and unexpected glyphs.

A combination of Reckless by Displaay Type Foundry and Transcript Pro by Colophon.

There are not many palm trees or flip flops in the the cold water. So while other surf brands hang loose, Unridden does the opposite.

The design system is based on a tight grid, which we also utilize visually.

Adapting the grid to the online experience for fast browsing at different levels and an aired out look.