Traditionally Private Equity has been for the wealthy few. Moonfare is on a mission to change this and with a digitalised investment process, open the door to more investors. We helped clarify the strategy, design the visual identity and establish a brand expression rooted in the juxtaposition of modern and classic.

Berlin, Germany
Identity, Strategy

To mimic the ease and sophistication of Moonfare, we developed a logo using a clean sans serif typeface combined with a unique and elegant ‘M’ that is reminiscent of a serif monogram.

The Moonfare monogram’s simple lines and curves naturally resembles the known currency symbols.

Striped down graphs combined with a monospace typeface for numerals and financial details


As a way to stand out in the category, our headlines are intentionally witty.

Moonfare is on a mission to democratize private equity by streamlining, bite-sizing and digitizing the investment process.

Brand idea

We developed the brand idea “Investing is legacy”. It is rooted in the belief that investing is more than financial performance. It becomes an opportunity for people to decide how they want to be remembered — and what legacy they want to leave behind.

Brand film

“Why do we get up in the morning? To pass on what matters.” In collaboration with Stonefire productions we created a brand film for Moonfare to launch the new brand positioning.


Founder Dr. Steffen Pauls on stage.

In ‘Introduction to Moonfare’ Founder Dr. Steffen Pauls introduces the idea behind the company. Video created in collaboration with Stonefire productions.