We are an independent creative company, founded in 2014, formed by talented people with diverse backgrounds. What we do best, is to help you imagine and realise clear ideas.

We believe the strongest ideas spring from clarity, and that guides everything we do. Clarity makes narratives easy to understand, yet impactful and characteristic. Clarity understands context, blends naturally or breaks it. Clarity cuts through clutter and directly resonates with people. Clarity works across formats, cultures and continents, but always with the same story to tell. Clarity is a consistent core, but a thousand expressions. Clarity is hard work. Clarity is the beauty of a great idea.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Refshalevej 153
1432 København K
Stockholm, Sweden
Bondegatan 63
116 34 Stockholm


We apply our capabilities within strategy, design, communication and digital to shape meaningfully different brands.


We get intimate with your brand, audience, contextual challenges and opportunities, to help you define the brand essence, prioritise and set direction.


We use design to make sense of thoughts, turn them into visual languages and identities, that are relatable, lasting and appealing for the intended audience.


We structure clear narratives, before we shape inspiring stories. We consider logical, credible and emotional appeal to balance the message and format.


To create the best digital experiences we balance systematic thinking, attention to detail and meaningful brand expression.


30+ people from more than 10 nationalities with backgrounds in business, human science, architecture, design, communication, process management, film and more.

Amelie Bormann


Amira Azmi

Senior Designer

Camilla Rask


Daniel Rørbæk


Daniel Weje

Motion Designer

Didrik Persson

Partner & Digital Director

Edem Agbodjan

Project Lead

Frederik Lind Plesner

Senior Designer

Jonathan Geissberger

Senior Digital Designer

Kajsa Lindström

Operations Director

Kirstine Kollerup

Business Development Director

Luca Rasmussen

Partner & Business Developer

Mafalda Remoaldo

Senior Digital Designer

Magnus Kvolbæk

Art Director

Marie Dissing

Senior Designer

Mathilda Claeson Holmgren

Project Lead

Mike Wittrup

Founder & Creative Director

Miriam Nicole Zirignon

Senior Designer

Morten Rosendal

Senior Digital Designer

Morten Schmidt

Senior Copywriter

Morten Troelsen

Finance Director

Nicklas Nordby

Digital Designer

Peter Strandby

Senior Copywriter

Sandra Borch

Senior Project Lead

Sofie Strøbeck

Senior Project Lead

Steven Müller

Partner & Managing Director


Everyday and everything. We like to be in the office and out of office. We like to spend time together. And we believe the best ideas are made in collaboration.

Throwback to international waffle day

[STH] 15.04.24 / 12:38 CEST

Happy Eid!

[CPH] 15.04.24 / 11:10 CEST


[CPH] 02.04.24 / 14:22 CEST

Cold temp, warm vibes

[STH] 06.03.24 / 12:02 CET

On the way to Oslo meeting

01.03.24 / 12:59 CET

The best

01.03.24 / 12:58 CET

Birthday cakes

[CPH] 23.02.24 / 15:35 CET

Office sunshine

[STH] 23.02.24 / 12:27 CET

Last weeks Niko June event @ Stockholm office.

[STH] 22.02.24 / 11:53 CET

Shoot in Cape Town.

22.02.24 / 11:51 CET