SPACE10 is a research and design lab supported by and dedicated to IKEA. We have worked with them on various projects, from shaping their visual identity, publications, future strategic concepts, digital products, pop-up exhibitions and communication across channels.

Design & Research
Copenhagen, Denmark

SPACE10 is on a mission to create a better everyday life for people and the planet.

Logotype set in Helvetica Now, optically kerned and manually spaced.

Future Food Today

Together with SPACE10 we concepted and designed the ‘Future Food Today’ cookbook. The book is the result of testing recipes in the SPACE10 test kitchen, it’s a tangible vision for what the sustainable food in the future may look like.

Graphics for Solarville exhibition in SPACE10.

London and New York pop-up
Customization concept for IKEA

Exploring how digital tools can enable a more customized IKEA range.

IKEA Place

Together with SPACE10 we were part of designing and running IKEA Place, one of the world’s most downloaded non-gaming AR apps.

Bee Home

Communication for Bee Home – an open-source design project inviting people to create a beautiful home for bees.

The project enables anyone, anywhere, to support their local pollinatorsand take action in preserving the world’s biodiversity.