As one of the most visited websites in the world, and a universal symbol of trust, Trustpilot wanted to manifest their position. We helped them unleash the star and shape an identity that embraces the authenticity and dynamics of what its all about; the reviews.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Design Systems, Identity, Strategy

The star is Trustpilot’s core trust signal, so we brought it to the forefront of their visual communication.

We added Trustpilot Display to the font system to give Trustpilot a typeface they can own, and add a more personal and relatable touch to the brand.


Reviews are not just one or five stars, or red or green. Bad reviews can be the beginning of a better business.


The colour system is inspired by the review colours, but with a vibrant touch, so they stand out in communication.

Just like the colours, the tone of voice is also inspired by the down to earth and straight forward tone of reviews.

The reviews are also expressed in the authentic phone photostyle, that is raw and relatable.

Motion principles

To set the design elements free, we created a set of motion principles that make the creation of moving illustrations easy and fun.


The identity made a big splash at the Amazon Web Services re:Invent 2022 conference in Las Vegas.